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PostSubject: Medals/Awards   Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:28 pm

Medals / Abreviation / Description
1) Medal of Honor / MH / Self explanatory.
2) Medal of Valor / MV / Given for bravery.
3) Medal of Destinction / MD / earned for reaching level 41, must have Cross of Dawn Patrol.
4) Cross of Dawn Patrol / CDP / Given for exceptional service.
5) Medal of Communication / MC / Given for informative use of the forums.
6) Medal of Operation Restroration
/ MOR / given for exceptional service during this mission

7) Medal of Operation Sword /MOS / given for exceptional service during this mission :MOS:
8) Battlefield Medal1/WM1/ battlefield presence in accordance to mission

9) Co-ordinated assault medal/CA1/ battle of st.ferreol's hosp.
10) Outstanding Medical Service Award/OMSA/

11) Co-ordinated assault medal 2 /CA2/ battle of styles bank
12) Co-ordinated assault medal 3/CA3/ battle of st ferreol's hosp.II 1/1/09
13) Recruitment Effort Medal/REM/ recieved for getting a player to join Dawn Patrol
14) Co-ordinated assault Medal 4/CA4/ 2/14/09
15) Co-ordinated assault Medal 5/CA5/ 2/20/09
16) Soldier of Honor/5CAM/ recieved for participating on 5 co-ordinated assaults
17) Co-ordinated assault medal 6 /CA6/ 2/28/09
18)Anti-PK Medal I /APKMI/
19) Co-ordinated assault Medal 7 /CA7/ 5/8/09
20) Anti-PK Medal II /APKMII/
Campaign Ribbons

1) Yellow Ribbon of Penny Heights
/ YRPH / for the Dawn Patrol Members who participated there.

2) Blood Ribbon of Vinetown
/ BRV / for the Dawn Patrol members who participated there.

3) Green Ribbon of West Grayside
/GRWG / for the Dawn Patrol members who participated during this mission.

4) Red Ribbon of Kempsterbank /RRK/ for the participants of this mission.

5) Ribbon of Wyke Hills/WHCR/ for the participants of this mission

6) West Grayside OpII/WGOII/for the participants of this mission

7) Pitneybank Ops/PCR /for the operatives of Pitneybank

8) Anti-Pker Campaign Ribbon/APCR/ will represent all suburbs Dawn Patrol fights against the Pker/Gker threat.

9) Lockettside Ops/WRL/ for the operatives of Lockettside


Special Awards

1) The Dagger of Infamy /DI/ Awarded to those who get into the Hall of Fame. ::
2) Allied Medal of Honor/AMH/ given to allied players for exceptional service to Dawn Patrol
3) Dawn Patrol Rogues/DPR/ Awarded to Dawn Patrol members by kar98 for being listed on the Rogues Gallery for dispatching gkers, griefers of DP, bounty hunters, and members of pker groups who are not listed on the RG.


Squad Patches

Regular Infantry- Anti-Zombie Unit.

Grenadiers- Anti-PK Unit.

Medical Unit

Scout Unit

Anti-Bounty Hunter Squad

Zombie Squad

Discretion is the better part of valor
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