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 Urban Dead Glossary

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PostSubject: Urban Dead Glossary   Urban Dead Glossary Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 11:05 am

Urban Dead glossary

(This topic was stolen from the Fortress forums, written by General Patton II and altered by a Pit Bull. Further fiddled with by Billy Forks - Thanks, A Pit Bull!) and again tweeked by Mein Sohn-(Thanks Billy Forks)

[*] Alt(s) = A player's other characters
[*] AP = Action Points
[*] Barhah! = loosely translates to "spirit of zombie warriors in brotherhood"
[*] Barricade Strafing = barricading several empty buildings to use as a running line or a decoy for zombies
[*] Bounty Hunters = A survivor that hunts and kills PKers
[*] Brnhr = One of the standard zombie words, with no fixed meaning
[*] Cades = Barricades
[*] Cade level = ranging from loosely barricaded to extremely heavily barricaded.
[*] Camping = Someone who is staying still, mostly used for rotters blocking RPs
[*] Combat Revive = Using a NecroTech syringe to revive a hostile zed
[*] Cow Tipping = Attacking zombies at an RP to gain easy XP, or to grief people who want to play as survivors
[*] Dirtnapping = Staying as a body (revivifying or dead) while APs build up
[*] EP = Entry point (also, less commonly, experience points)
[*] EHB = Extremely Heavily Barricaded - survivors CANNOT enter from the street
[*] FAK(s) = First Aid Kits
[*] Feral = Zombie with no group affiliation
[*] Free running = Survivor skill, allowing them to move from one building to an adjacent (unruined) building without going outside
[*] Genny = Portable generator
[*] GK(er) = Genny Killer
[*] Gragh, graagh, graaagh! = Standard zombie words. It may mean 'look at my profile', or it may mean 'I intend to eat/have just eaten your brainz'
[*] Griefing = Someone annoying in text, or actions in game
[*] HB = Heavily Barricaded - survivors cannot enter from the street
[*] Hit Limit = The limit of 160 IP hits per day on the map page
[*] Horde = A large group of zeds
[*] ID = The number that uniquely identifies a character
[*] Idle = If a player doesn't log in to a character for five days, the character becomes invisible to other players – 'idles out' - and effectively vanishes from the game. They re-appear if the player logs on again.
[*] IP hit = one refresh of the main map page. Limited to 160 per day per IP address
[*] In-Character, IC = If a player is talking or behaving as if they are their character, they are said to be In Character, or role-playing. The opposite is OOC, out-of-character
[*] Infection = Zombies with the infectious bite skill infect their victims when they bite. Infected survivors lose 1 HP per AP spent (speaking excepted), until they are cured with a FAK
[*] KOS = Kill On Sight
[*] LB = Lightly Barricaded - survivors can enter from the street
[*] Mall Rat = A slightly derogatory term used to describe a survivor that stays mostly within malls
[*] Maxed Out = Used to either describe hitting 50 AP or acquiring all skills (often without the brain rot tree for survivors)
[*] Meatshield(ing), meatcade(ing) = A survivor staying in a building under attack, risking injury and death in order to make it harder for zombies to ruin the building
[*] Meta-gaming = Out-of-character perspective or communication methods to coordinate in-character actions. The collection of forums and the UDWiki where people talk about the game.
[*] MMORPG = Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game
[*] Mrh? = One of the standard zombie words. Usually means 'please revive me'
[*] Noob, Newbie = New player, or level 1 character. Noob is more derogatory, implying cluelessness rather than simple lack of experience.
[*] NT = Necrotech Building
[*] Parachuting = A survivor with an infection can kill themselves (by doing anything until their HP run out) inside a building and stand up as a zombie to bypass the barricades. This is parachuting
[*] Pinata = A ruined building that also has a level of barricades to it. Making it unable to enter and repair, until cades are down.
[*] Profile = The description of a character, their clothing and skills, start date and other bits of information
[*] PKer = Player Killer, a survivor who kills other survivors
[*] QSB = Quite Strongly Barricaded - survivors can enter from the street
[*] Pay It Forward = A revived survivor who revives another at a RP as they leave
[*] Revive = To return a zombie to the living state using a NecroTech syringe. (Noun or verb)
[*] RL = Real Life
[*] RG=Rogues Gallery=A link to provide a list of Pkers in Malton
[*] Rotter = Zombie with Brain Rot, who is harder to scan or revive
[*] RNG = Random Number Generator or Random Number God
[*] RP = Revive Point or (less often) Role Play(ing)
[*] RT, RTS = Real Time, Real Time Strikes
[*] Ruined = A completely ransacked building, shown in dark grey on the mini-map.
[*] Running Lane = A line of repaired buildings making it possible to free run
[*] Scan = DNA Extractor used on a zed
[*] Scent Trail = zombie skill. Survivors can be tracked up to 10 blocks away if they interact with the zombie (DNA scan, successful attack, using a FAK), and if the zombie is left standing
[*] Siege = Large amounts of survivors and zeds fighting for control of a building
[*] Shottie(s) = Shotguns
[*] Sleeping = When a player is out of AP, or is not currently playing
[*] Syringe = A NecroTech revivification syringe, used to turn standing zombies into revivifying bodies
[*] Trenchcoater/trenchie = Someone who mixes tactical cluelessness, attempts at swaggering machismo, and fantastically threadbare cliches such as katanas, trenchcoats, visible scars ...
[*] TRP(s) = Tactical Resource Points are buildings that give useful items when searched by survivors
[*] UD = Urban Dead
[*] VHB = Very Heavily Barricaded - survivors CANNOT enter from the street
[*] VSB = Very Strongly Barricaded - survivors CAN enter from the street
[*] Wiki = The information-packed Urban Dead Wiki - where most of these terms have longer descriptions
[*] XP = Experience points
[*] Zack = Zombie
[*] Zed = Zombie
[*] Zerging = a single player, using multiple characters within the same suburb or same building.
* It's cheating *

Mein Sohn-The Ziegenbock Soldner-

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I have no fear because I am the meanest mother@#$@*#! in the whole valley"

Gen. George S. Patton
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Urban Dead Glossary
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