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 Medals/Awards II

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PostSubject: Medals/Awards II   Medals/Awards II Icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 11:51 pm

Medals/Awards II 215353
Medals/Awards II 535125 - Reach a bounty of 200

Medals/Awards II 173333 - kill a player 3xs that has killed one of us.

Medals/Awards II 121347 - for 10 kills

Medals/Awards II 909227 - for 20 kills

Medals/Awards II 168681 - for 50 kills

Medals/Awards II 534747 - for 100 kills

kill count will be recorded in your profile by,
Medals/Awards II 392694 - represents 1 kill

Medals/Awards II 53186 - represents 5 kills

Medals/Awards II 1492543149 - finish off a target once with a wine bottle, then another target with a beer bottle, and then another with a punch...Three different targets not in any particular order.

Medals/Awards II 377767 - finish off a target with a different hand held weapon 5 different times ...Must be a different weapon each time. Example- tool box, knife, axe, golf club...there are many items in game that can be used as a weapon..

Medals/Awards II 596271 - will be used to record your hand to hand kill count in profile.

Medals/Awards II 3664241526 - Get a combination of 10 assists on a kill and/or for posting a target on the vendetta list resulting in a kill by another team member.
Medals/Awards II 2088146800 - will be used to record the recon/assist count.
Medals/Awards II 2603917201 The record goes to the player who has the most kills in one day. Said player will hold record until another player scores more kills in one day. The record will be held with the player's Awards. Once record is broken by another player, The Record will be moved to their stats listings. A player who ties the record will also hold the record until it is broken. There will be a list of record holders above the stats in the Dawn Patrol Resurrection thread.
Special one timer kill awards/seasonal.
Medals/Awards II 918347 - finish off a target with a christmas tree.

Medals/Awards II 568568 - finish off a target by lighting them on fire.

Medals/Awards II 2551689709 - finish off a taget with a pumpkin.

Medals/Awards II 743151 - Slay a living target that has pked a member of DP, or a target team member while zombified. ( DP KOS targets are listed in the Vendetta thread).
Health and fitness Awards
Medals/Awards II 239105 - revive a team member 5xs..can be the same team member or 5 different ones.

Medals/Awards II 386122 - will be used to record your revive count in profile.

Medals/Awards II 3979448245 - The Purple Heart is awarded when you are pked 50xs . A cross will be listed next to your name in the stats thread each time you are pked.
Awards for active game play and team loyalty
Medals/Awards II 48638 - The Cross of Dawn Patrol

Medals/Awards II 65425 - Medal of Honor

Medals/Awards II 458433 - An appreciation award for just being notorious and getting yourself a bounty.
Mission Medals
Medals/Awards II 31370 Medals/Awards II 157432 Medals/Awards II 301328

Medals/Awards II 320788 Medals/Awards II 910925 Medals/Awards II 461799

Medals/Awards II 31370 Awarded for the collection of 10 pelts of The Dribbling Beavers , recorded by Medals/Awards II 698886072

Medals/Awards II 157432 Awarded for the annihilation of 10 Malton Department of Defense members.

Medals/Awards II 301328 Awarded for the termination of 15 cartoon robots(Autobots).
All of your awards will be recorded in the Dawn Patrol Resurrection thread...Please remember to post your activities. Remember to play nice, this is only a game !!!
Dawn Patrol no longer zergs! Any character you think we may have used in the past now has a line through the name indicating inactivity. We do not feel we have to justify our future actions to zerg hunters, resensitized folks , bounty hunters , or any one else...We are a legitimate pker unit. Have fun killing us because we will have fun killing you...
your pal

Duty is the most sublime word in our language. You must do your duty in all things. You can never do more, and you should never wish to do less.

goat hammer
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Medals/Awards II
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